Open Source Definition

  1. Free Redistribution
  2. Source Code
  3. Derived Works
  4. Integrity of Author's Source Code
  5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
  1. No Discrimination Against Field of Endeavor
  2. Distribution of License
  3. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product
  4. License Must Not Restrict Other Software
  5. License Must be Technology-Neutral
Source: Open Source Initiative,

The Bazaar and the Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral illuminated at dusk.

Source: Christine Zenino,

Open Source Enables Democratic Government

Quarter view of the United States Capitol building.

Open Government Initiative

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.


Close view of President Barack Obama

Aerial view of USS Iowa firing and the resulting shockwave on the water with the United States Navy logo type.

Linux shell depicting the configuration file for SELinux. United States National Security Agency seal.

Evening photograph of the NASA Nebula shipping container datacenter at dusk with splash light illuminating the Nebula logo and NASA insignia.

Source: NASA/Dominic Hart March 2010

Image of the top half of the first page of Nebula's NASA Requirements Waiver in support of Open Source Development.

OpenStack Metrics: Member Organizations

Rackspace logo NASA Insignia
Citrix logo Dell logo NTT Data logo Peer 1 Hosting logo Softlayer logo RightScale logo logo iomart Group logo Opscode logo Puppet Labs logo FathomDB logo CloudKick logo
Zenoss logo Limelight logo Cloudscaling logo AMD logo Riptano logo Intel logo Autonomic Resources logo Zuroa logo Nicira logo Spiceworks logo Sonian logo CloudSwitch logo Cloud Central logo Morphlabs logo rPath logo Vyatta logo Intalio logo Cirrascale logo InterNap logo EnterpriseDB logo Gigaspace logo Cfengine logo NTT logo Opatan logo L&T Infotech logo genForma logo Nasuni logo Piston logo Gladinet logo Gluster logo NephoScale logo Korean Telecom logo Arista Networks logo B1 Systems logo Canonical logo Grid Dynamics logo Cisco logo Extreme Networks logo AFORE Solutions logo ComputeNext logo Cybera logo UShareSoft logo StackOps logo CSS Corp logo Cloud Cluster logo Zadara Storage logo CloudBees logo Calxeda logo Memset logo Bull logo OW2 logo Brocade logo Abiquo logo Smartscale logo Mellanox logo SMEStorage logo Mach Technology logo Tail-f Systems logo Nubefy logo Persistent Systems logo Mirantis logo Docomo Labs logo Cloud Niners Ltd. logo

OpenStack Metrics: Active Developers

OpenStack Worldwide

OpenStack Metrics: Highlights

Image of the top half of the first page of Nebula's NASA Requirements Waiver in support of Open Source Development.

Open Source Summit 2011

Image of the audience at the NASA Open Source Summit 2011.

Source: NASA/Dominic Hart March 2011

Open Source Summit 2011: Key Findings

  1. Communicate NASA's Open Source Efforts
  2. Deprecate Vanity License
  3. Barriers to Community
  4. Barriers to Development Models and Ongoing Support
  5. Government Restrictions (ITAR, etc.)
  1. Contributions to External Projects
  2. Encouraging Open Source ("Open Source First")
  3. Open Policy Development
  4. Open Software Culture
  5. Make Open Source Accessible and Support the Community
Source: Open Source Summit Draft Proceedings

Open Source Summit 2011: Key Findings
License Use over >2 Billon Lines of Code

Source: Chris DiBona, Google

Open Source Summit 2011: Highlights

HTML5 logo with the caption: I have seen the future, it's in my browser

X K C D comic depicting raiders ambushing Richard Stallman in his sleep.  As they descend, the raiders declare that Stallman's G P L license has grown too powerful and must be stopped at the source.  Stallman jumps to attention with swords drawn from beneath his bed inviting the 'Microsoft lackeys' to a fight in the name of software freedom.  The invaders quickly retreat into the night, plotting which open source proponent's home they should invade next.